Police Cars Smashed, Objects Thrown at Police during Baltimore Protests

Baltimore ABC affiliate WMAR reported that police cars were damaged and objects were thrown at police during protests over the death of Freddie Gray on Saturday.

The report said police cars had their windows and windshields smashed by trash cans by some of the protesters, and that “you’ll see now, from time to time, the protesters will throw something in the direction of the officers…just moments ago, we saw a number of these police cruisers heavily damaged by those protesters.” According to WMAR, the vehicles’ tires were “flattened,” and one of them “had something on fire inside of it.”

The protests were further described as “ebbs and flows” where calm is followed by “an explosion of what can only be described as violence, then it calms down a little bit again.” One of the protesters at Baltimore’s City Hall interviewed by the station expressed his disappointment that some chose to act violently and urged peaceful protest.

Another video, by Baltimore NBC affiliate WBAL shows traffic cones and other objects being thrown at police while others yell to stop throwing things at the officers. The station also reported that “protesters were seen smashing windows at The Gallery and smashing windows of a police car.”

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