McCain: Obama ‘Ludicrous’ for Ideas of an US-Iranian Alliance

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said President Barack Obama was “ludicrous” for thinking if he gets a nuclear deal with Iran there will be a “new U.S.-Iranian alliance.”

When asked about the Saudis’ fighting the Iranian supported Houthis in a proxy war in Yemen, McCain said, “There is no doubt the Houthis are the proxy, and you look at where where Yemen strategically  sits, I applaud the Saudis’ efforts and their operations. And for us to continuously argue that they [Iran] are going stop their campaign I think it’s ludicrous, part of the delusion that there will be a new U.S./Iranian alliance after the nuclear deal is consummated.  So I applaud what the Saudis’ are doing and why wouldn’t the president just say that? Because we are going to preserve freedom of navigation? Let’s be straight with the American people.”

He continued, “So much of their actions are related to this nirvana, this mirage out there that with the nuclear deal we are going to have some kind of new relationship throughout the Middle East. That scared the hell out of our Sunni Arab allies and it scares the hell out of me because they are on the move in all of these countries, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and they are on the move in other places as well. they are carrying out very aggressive operations.”

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