Schweizer: The ‘Smoking Gun’ Is the Clintons’ Pattern of Behavior

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweizer argued “the smoking gun is in the pattern of behavior”regarding the Clintons getting donations to their foundation and former President Bill Clinton’s significant increase in speaking fees from foreign donors, which coincided with donors getting “favorable decisions” from the State Department.

“When you ever have an issue of the flow of funds to political candidates whether that’s to their campaigns, whether that’s to private foundations, whether that’s to their spouse is there evidence of a pattern of favorable decisions being made for those individuals?” Schweizer said. “And I think the point that we make in the book is that there is a troubling pattern. There are dozens of examples of that occurring. Some people, I think particularly the Clinton camp would say these are all coincidence.  I don’t think when you’re talking about 12 instances you’re talking coincidence. I think you’re talking trend.”

“The smoking gun is in the pattern of behavior,” he continued. “It’s a little light insider trading. I wrote a book on congressional insider trading a couple of years ago and talked with prosecutors. Most people that engage in criminal insider trading don’t send an e-mail that says I’ve got inside information, buy this stock. The way they look at it they look at a pattern of stock trades. If the person has access to that information and they do a series of well-timed trades that warrants investigation. I think the same thing applies here.”

“It’s important to note is it was confirmed on Thursday both by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal is there are multimillion dollar non disclosed donations never disclosed by the Clinton, in a direct breach of an agreement they signed with the White House,” Schweizer added.

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