Fmr Police Commissioner: I’d Advise Against Baltimore Curfew

Fmr. Baltimore Police Commissioner Ed Norris criticized the city’s curfew on Tuesday’s “CNN Tonight.”

Norris, in an interview that took place around 10:30 pm EST, said that while the police response has been “measured,” “I’m not a big believer in curfews. I would have tried to talk the mayor out of it, because the last time they worked was Italy in the ’30s, and you paint yourself into a corner, because this is what you get when you draw a line in the sand and you’re not prepared to lock everybody up, you’re going to end up getting embarrassed, and I think that’s what you’re seeing right now.” Norris later argued that curfews “add more confrontation.”

He added, “if I had a curfew…I would have arrest teams on the side streets…the first bottle, the first rock that’s thrown should be the last one. You can’t let that go on, you can’t let cops get abused out there, that’s the only difference. And they may be doing it…it may be off-camera.”

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