Olbermann Rips Fans Upset About Orioles’ Baltimore Riot Disruption

On Tuesday’s “Olbermann” on ESPN2, host Keith Olbermann opened his show with a monologue ripping Baltimore Orioles fans for being upset about Orioles games being postponed, closed to the public and moved to Tampa Bay Rays to play as the home team.

According to Olbermann, the protesters are not just doing this because they want to, but rather because they have to and the fans need to understand that.

“This is not to applaud, condone nor minimize violence against authority or by it, but if you’re somehow ticked off that the Orioles aren’t playing, while they aren’t, maybe go re-read what John Angelos wrote and at least rid yourself of the idea that the protesters are just doing this because they feel like it. Or they should’ve been more considerate because it is Ollie’s Bargain Night Ticket Tuesday.”

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