State Dept Won’t Say If It Has Problem With Clinton Disclosures

State Department Acting Deputy Spokesperson Jeff Rathke refused to say if the State Department has a problem with the Clintons’ failure to report foreign donations to the foundation during Friday’s State Department Press Briefing.

Rathke was asked by AP Diplomatic Writer Matt Lee if the State Department has an “issue” on the “lack of reporting” of some donations by the Clintons, and responded, that the Clinton Foundation has disclosed foreign government donations that were initially not disclosed, and that they were working on disclosing non-government donors.

Lee pressed Rathke on whether the fact that the Clintons had to go back to get into compliance bothered the State Department and whether they were “following-up” with the foundation to ensure they get into in compliance, Rathke re-iterated that the Clinton Foundation was addressing the issue, and stated “I don’t have anything further to add.”

A seemingly exasperated Lee wondered “well, can someone find out whether this is an issue for the building or not?”

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