Undefeated Fighter: ‘Whole World Will Pay $90’ for Mayweather-Pacquiao PPV

Undefeated middleweight Tony Harrison tells Breitbart Sports that the high price tag of the Mayweather-Pacquiao won’t discourage him from laying down $90 to watch the fight.

“I’m going to pay my $90 for it, man, to be honest,” the 21-0 middleweight confesses. “I think the whole world will pay $90 for it. Just the matter of the fact that the best is fighting the best”

Harrison concedes that the duo should have duked it out several years back. But the Motor City middleweight bearing a resemblance in the ring to the Motor City Cobra takes a better-late-than-never attitude.

“I think it should have happened,” Harrison tells Breitbart Sports. “The fact of the matter is it’s happening now. I’m going to pay my $90 for it. I just want to get my $90 worth. That’s all. I don’t really care who wins the fight.”

Harrison remains bullish on Pacquiao and Mayweather exhibiting the skills that elevated them to elite status in the sport. “I think he never lost it, man,” he says of Pacquaio’s power. “I think he never lost it.”

Asked if he sees Mayweather taking punches that he used to elude, Harrison concedes, “Yeah, I do see that. But he’s also probably the best defensive fighter to ever walk around on the planet earth. He’s great at adapting.”

Harrison, looking to leap from headlining ESPN’s Friday Night Fights against an unranked opponent to matches offering stiffer competition rather than mere stiffs, divulges neither a rooting interest nor a prediction for the fight of the year.

“My prediction is: I’m paying my $100 to see an entertaining fight,” he discloses. “That’s my prediction.”