FNC’s Wallace to Dem Rep on Baltimore Unrest: ‘It’s Not a Matter of Money’

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s  “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace challenged Rep. Donna Edward (D-MD) on the leadership in the city of Baltimore in the wake of unrest involving the death of Freddie Gray.

“Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor in 50 years,” Wallace said. “Is it fair to say the liberal policies have failed the city of Baltimore?”

Edwards attempted to counter by arguing over the schools have failed due to a lack of even funding.

“It’s not a matter of money,” Wallace said. “One of the things we learned this week is Baltimore spends the third highest although per capita on its public school. Baltimore was already spending plenty on public school and the schools were still lousy.”

Edwards said, “There’s uneven spending in the public schools. And I would say to you, I mean, even the school that let out where the riots first began, There was a student who was interviewed who said, ‘I’m looking at a book that’s 20 years old. how does that prepare her for the 21st century?’ I think we have a lot of questions to ask.”

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