Schweizer: I’m Skeptical of Wealth Accumulation of All Elected Officials

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer said he is motivated by making sure the “wealth accumulation by elected officials” is legitimate.

When asked if  he felt the mainstream media was giving him a harder time because he is going after the Clintons?

Schweizer said, “I think there’s a certain element of that, yes. I think part of it is because there have been a lot of scandal books, so-called scandal books in the past. But I also think there’s this sense that they’re looking for political motivation in what I’m doing. And, you know, I think you certainly could look at the motivations behind what people are doing, but you want to look at facts themselves and most reporters have been fair in doing that.”

He continued, “I’m a conservative and I think I’m a journalist. And when I say conservative, I don’t think I am a Republican. In my books, I have gone after Republicans. I have become increasingly skeptical over the years of politicians who become wealthy while in public office. The Clinton’s I think represent a unique example of that. The fact they’ve taken in some $130 million in Bill’s post-presidential years. This arrangement you had with her as secretary of state and him taking in large sums of money from foreign interest. We’ve never been there before. My fear with this is that this could become a model for other politicians.”

He added, “The motivation here, again, is looking at wealth accumulation by elected officials. In the case of Jeb Bush, you don’t have the global reach that you have with the Clintons. You don’t have the same timeline. It does not appear that it’s going to constitute a book. But we’re looking at land deals and an airport deal and looking at other issues. The bottom line again is to follow the money, which is what we did with the Clintons and that’s happening here as well.”

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