CNN: Fiorina Turning Race Into a ‘Weird Girl Fight’

CNN’s Carol Costello and Dana Bash argued that the competition between Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina was a “weird girl fight,” and that Fiorina was “turning it into one” on Monday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

Costello said, “Carly Fiorina, she’s sort of setting herself up to be Hillary Clinton’s chief attack dog, and Republicans are embracing her, so it’s turning into this weird girl fight, almost.”

Bash added, “and she’s turning it into one. I mean, you saw — you played the announcement video that she put on her website — her new presidential website, watching Hillary Clinton, turning off the television, and turning to the camera, and explicitly saying she is the person who should go head-to-head with Hillary Clinton. She says it on the campaign trail, Carol, she talks about the fact that it would take the woman issue off the table, the idea that Hillary Clinton is somebody that women, and even some men might want to be president because it would be historic, it would be the first female president. Well, she says ‘that would be me, too.’ So, it would be a non-issue. But, I think also for her, the fact that she is playing up the fact that she was the first very first female CEO of a Fortune 100 company. She’s the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and the fact that she is a non-politician, just like Ben Carson. That’s their calling card, in addition to the fact that — what is obvious, that he’s an African-American Republican, and she’s a female Republican, the only one — ones of both of those with what? 14, 15 people running.”

Costello then stated, “I actually wish both Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina would stop talking about being a first woman president. Because, at some point…you get tired of hearing it, and secondly, if the’are both qualified for the job, being a woman is an aside.”

Bash responded, “if you, sort of, believe Carly Fiorina’s pitch, and what she’s going for, she’s trying to cancel it out. Saying ‘it’s going to be a non-issue if you have two women running,’ But, on the Hillary Clinton side, Carol, you remember what happened in 2008. She didn’t run as a woman. I mean, it was kind of obvious that she’s a woman, but she didn’t — she didn’t play up her gender, and the historic idea of having a female president, and a lot of people thought that that was a mistake so, now she is going the other way big-time.”

Costello re-iterated that campaigning as the first female president would get tiresome, which Bash seemed to agree with.

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