Chris Matthews: Will GOP Women ‘Sneak Out’ to Vote for Hillary?

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews wondered if Republican women would “sneak out” and vote for Hillary Clinton “without telling hubby” on Tuesday.

After relaying that his mother didn’t tell anyone she voted for JFK, he asked, “is it possible that there will be a lot of women, say their husband’s making a ton of money, they live in the suburbs, they’ve always voted Republican. Come Election Day Hillary Clinton is a credible candidate for president. She may be a bit to the left of some of these Republican women, they’re going to sneak out and vote for her? Without telling hubby?”

Analyst and author Cokie Roberts responded, “Absolutely. But the reason she’s doing well now is because she is getting white women, and that’s unusual for a Democratic candidate, so you have to figure that that’s already going on.”

Matthews concluded, “My question is how much wasted gas is there going to be [on] Election Day in 2016 when the husband and wife go to vote? A lot of wasted gas there, right?”

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