Watch: Jimmy Fallon Mocks Bill Clinton ‘Pay Our Bills’ Response

On Monday’s “Today” on NBC, former President Bill Clinton defended his highly paid speeches, which some have called into question as he and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a 2016 candidate for the Democratic nomination, face scrutiny over their past business dealings with regards to their Clinton Foundation.

Later that day on NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon took a shot at Bill Clinton for his response.

Partial transcript as follows:

FALLON: Did you see this? Bill Clinton was on the “Today” show this morning talking about staying out of the spotlight while Hillary runs.

HIGGINS: He was on the “Today” show doing that?

FALLON: What’s that?

HIGGINS: He was on the “Today” show —

FALLON: That’s correct.

HIGGINS: — talking about how he wanted to stay out of the spotlight?

FALLON: He wants out.


FALLON: He doesn’t want to get in the way so he went on the “Today” show. [Laughter] He said he wants to stay out of the spotlight while Hillary runs for president. I guess he makes as much as $500,000 a speech when he goes and does these speeches. I know, he had this to say about it.


INTERVIEWER: She’s now running for president. Will you continue to give speeches?

CLINTON: Oh, yeah, I got to pay our bills. [Laughter]


FALLON: “Got to pay our bills,” although, that still doesn’t explain why he insisted on getting paid in ones.

HIGGINS: Really? [Applause]

FALLON: Make it rain!

HIGGINS: Make it rain!

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