CNN’s King: Hillary 25% Honesty Number ‘Equivalent of a 5-Alarm Fire’

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” while discussing a new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll showing only 25 percent of Americans rate Hillary Clinton as “honest and straightforward,” “Inside Politics,” host John King said that is “the equivalent of a five-alarm fire” for the Clinton campaign.

“Clearly we’re seeing a candidate who right now is not showing us transparency, accountability or high level of ethical standards,” said King’s guest, National Journal’s Ron Fournier. “Those are things we should be factoring in as well. Especially reporters we shouldn’t look at this as, you know, the polls go her way that doesn’t necessarily mean we should stop reporting on it.”

King replied, “I think if she has the resources, doesn’t have a competitive challenger right now. They’re going to spend a lot of time looking at that 25% who view her as honest and straightforward and shore her up. That’s the equivalent of a five-alarm fire.”

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