Olbermann Hammers NFL for Leaving Brady ‘Hanging’ in Deflate-Gate Report

On Wednesday’s “Olbermann” on ESPN2, host Keith Olbermann shared his thoughts on the NFL finding that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was “more probable than not” to have purposefully let air out of footballs, but has yet to announce any form of punishment for either Brady or the Patriots and may take a few days to do so.

Olbermann hammered the NFL for releasing their findings without having a punishment set in place, which could allow the NFL to gauge the reaction around the league before punishing the Patriots or Brady.

“I’m no Patriots fan, but what’s with publishing the findings without anything about the penalty and then letting the team and these guys McNally and Jastremski twist slowly, slowly in the wind? I’m no Brady fan, but maybe he’s done enough for the league and a dead-weight franchise to be left hanging there for what Adam Schefter reports is probably at least few days.”

He later added, “You’ve got to give the benefit of the doubt to Tom Brady. The National Football League, ‘Guilty, guilty, guilty! Now stand over there while we delay announcing what we are going to do to you so you can also be embarrassed and stuff.’”

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