Gutfeld: Bill Threw ‘Greatest Achievement Under the Bus’ for Hillary

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld accused Bill Clinton of throwing “his own greatest achievement under the bus so his wife could be president” on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

“Last week Hillary Clinton said there’s something wrong with our justice system. it’s her husband, bill. and his crime bill from 1994, which imposed harsher sentences and bolstered police gear in response to surging violent crime. At the time, the violent crime rate was 713 per 100,000 people. That’s a lot. But after the law, it halved, to 368 per 100,000. Now, this might be the best thing Bill Clinton ever did. How sad that he’s now trashing it, claiming that it led to fuller prisons as opposed to deadlier streets” Gutfeld stated.

After playing a clip of Clinton’s criticism of his own bill, Gutfeld said, “in sum, he just smeared real positive change because he hadn’t yet christened every room in the White House with his DNA. Behold the nature of the political animal, one who abandons lifesaving principles in favor of ideological pandering meant to expand power and indulge the extreme. It’s a curse of law enforcement success, every policy that made us safer is now unneeded because we are safer. It’s like a diabetic tossing his insulin once he stabilized his blood sugar. I guess we should let muggers off with a warning or start Criminals Anonymous to help them shake their crime addiction. So, as the Clintons renounce that bill, I renounce Bill who seems fine returning to a time when America was twice as deadly.”

Gutfeld concluded, “Bill just threw his own greatest achievement under the bus so his wife could be president.”

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