Schweizer: The Clintons Operate on a ‘Very Different’ Level

“Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer argued that anyone but the Clintons would get investigated for actions like the Clinton Foundation’s and “they seem to operate on a level that’s very different” on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Schweizer said, “what I argue is the smoking gun — I don’t have an email that says, ‘do this and we’ll give you money.’ What I do have is a pattern of behavior that I think is very troubling. And the pattern is revealed in dozens of examples where there’s an influx of money to the Clintons. Hillary Clinton then shortly thereafter takes favorable actions for the individuals who are giving them the money. You could look at one of two of these, Megyn and say, ‘come on, it’s a coincidence.’ But when you see it replicated dozens of times, I think it warrants serious investigation by people that have subpoena power that can look at emails that can look at correspondence.”

He added, “imagine three years from now we have a Secretary of Defense not named Clinton, and she has a private foundation with her husband, and a small company has business before the Pentagon and needs Pentagon approval for something, and the shareholders in that company send $145 million to that family foundation. Are people going to just ask them ‘did anything happen here’ and we’re going to take their word that everything was good? Of course not, we would investigate and look into it, except for the fact that when it involves the Clintons they seem to operate on a level that’s very different than anybody else in American politics.”

Schweizer concluded, “I’d like to see somebody with subpoena power that is a prosecutor, possibly even convene a grand jury. I mean, look, you look at the Menendez case, you look at the case down in Virginia, you look out in Oregon…the pattern of behavior here is somewhat similar. And it is crying out for further investigation.”

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