WaPo’s Ignatius on Hillary’s Server Scandal: ‘I Don’t See Any Way She Can Escape It’

Thursday on  MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” The Washington Post’s David Ignatius said he sees no way Hillary Clinton can escape the coming  questions about her email server during her bid for president.

After watching a clip of a State Department official saying employees using a private email account is not acceptable Ignatius said, “That’s a painful way to start a presidential campaign, to be dealing with issues like that. I don’t see that there is any way she can escape it. The more those e-mails that are disclosed, I think the more issues are raised. I have friends who work in the State Department who are now describing getting e-mails from that private server from other, not Hillary Clinton, but other people in her inner circle that were also using it. That is another chapter that is coming. Stay tuned to the “Washington Post,” We’ll give you those names as soon as we have them.”

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