Buchanan: ‘No End to the Folks Coming In’ If Hillary’s Amnesty Is Done

Columnist Pat Buchanan predicted that “there will be no end to the folks coming in” if Hillary Clinton gets her way on illegal immigration on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “[Hillary’s] One hundred percent pro-amnesty and she’s going to put them — all the folks on a path to citizenship. No, she’s right, no Republican has gone anywhere near that far. And so, what she’s saying in effect is that in — you know, in the last election, Barack Obama got 71 percent of the Hispanic vote to Mitt Romney’s 28. I think she’s looking at this as a general election strategy first and foremost. And secondly, she wants to drive a wedge straight through the Republican Party, between Marco Rubio, on one side, say, who’s now much tougher on amnesty than he was, and Jeb Bush, who does have sort of a no sending back, but no path to citizenship position. So, she is confused at the Republicans, yes.”

Buchanan later stated of Rubio, “He was honest before. Now, he’s pandering.”

He turned back to Hillary’s policy, dubbing it “ollie-ollie in free into the country — you have had an invasion of this country after the 3 million amnesty. You get this one, and there will be no end to the folks coming in.”

Later, the Guardian‘s Tom Rogan argued that, “you don’t hear Hillary Clinton talking about border security, which has to be part of the deal, and that’s always been part of the deal, going back to the Republicans –,” to which the Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift objected, “That is so ‘90s, Tom. The border is so secure now. They come across and they hand their teddy bears to the border agents.”

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