Fiorina: Unlike Hillary ‘I Am Not Afraid to Answer Questions’

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina ripped Hillary Clinton, stating, “unlike Hillary Clinton, I am not afraid to answer questions about my track record or my accomplishments, or my principles” during a speech in South Carolina on Saturday.

Fiorina said, “You know, like Hillary Clinton, I too am running for the President of the United States. But unlike Hillary Clinton, I am not afraid to answer questions about my track record, or my accomplishments, or my principles. I’m not sure you’re aware of this but, Hillary Clinton has taken exactly seven on the record questions since April 12. I have actually answered over 200 on the record questions since Monday of this week.”

She continued, “I bet you have some questions too. I certainly do. Like, for example, why in your first public statements after the terrorist attacks that killed four brave Americans in Benghazi, why did you talk to us about the need for religious tolerance? Why do you lecture us on the need to empathize with our enemies while Christians are being beheaded and crucified in the Middle East? Did you really see no conflicts of interest while your family foundation took millions of dollars in donations and your husband took very large speaker’s fees from foreign governments who had business before you while you served as secretary as of state? And then tell us why we should be reassured that you had two Secret Service agents guarding that server in the basement at Chappaqua. Mrs. Clinton, we’re not worried about the server being stolen, we’re worried about the server being hacked. Perhaps it would be useful to have a president in the White House who actually understands something about technology.”

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