Carson: Open Question if President Must Uphold Supreme Court Decisions

Sunday on “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace” presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson said it it is an “open question” whether or not the president of the Untied States must uphold Supreme Court decisions.

Carson said, “Dred Scott, a perfect example, the Supreme Court came up with this and Abraham Lincoln did not agree with it. Admittedly caused conflict and led to the Civil War, but we’re in a better place because of it.”

When  Wallace pushed asking, “But does the president have to carry out a Supreme Court ruling?”

Carson replied, “The way our constitution is set up, the president or the executive branch is obligated to carry out the laws of the land. The laws of the land, according to our Constitution, are provided by the legislative branch. The laws of the land are not provided by the judiciary branch.”

Wallace said, “Since Marbury v. Madison we have lived under the principle of judicial review which says the Supreme Court says this is the law, this is constitutional, the rest — the executive has to observe that.”

Carson continued, “And I have said, this is an area we need to discuss. We need to get into a discussion of this because it has changed from the original intent.”

Wallace asked again, “So, you’re saying this is an open question as far as you’re concerned?”

Carson concluded, “It is an open question. It needs to be discussed.”

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