WaPo’s Parker: Stormy Season Ahead for Hillary, ‘Trust is Really Going to Hurt Her’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker said because several new polls last week show a majority of American do not trust Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, that will be what end ups really hurting her.

Parker said, “I think we have a stormy season ahead for Hillary Clinton. I don’t think statistics tell us much at this point. The trust question we just learned from what happened in Britain is the most important factor when a voter goes to cast his or her ballot. Hillary Clinton’s trust value is, as you say, it’s in decline. I don’t think it’s going to improve as the campaign proceeds. she has other hurdles to cross including the Benghazi questions that will come up. She can handle those if she does it properly and can handle the emails, but I’m doubtful on that score.”

She continued, “Trust will hurt her in the long run. The fact she is still leading the Republican candidates has to do with the fact some of these are not as well known. People don’t start paying attention as soon as we do.”

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