Jeb: Don’t Like Common Core? Then ‘Implement Higher Standards’

On Tuesday’s “Sean Hannity Show,” former Florida Governor and prospective GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush declared that if states don’t like Common Core “they should implement higher standards.”

Jeb said that he would support national school vouchers and “There are things the federal government can do to push power back to the states. Higher standards is what I’m for. I’m not for the federalization of standards, nor curriculum, nor content.”

He added, “what we need are higher standards, that we assess accurately, to assure that children are college and/or career ready. … I don’t think the federal government should be involved in any of this.”

Bush was then asked about how this related to Common Core, Bush argued that if the states that have adopted Common Core don’t like those standards, “they should implement higher standards,” but warned that moving back to lower standards would be damaging.

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