Reid: ‘We Have Hillary Clinton And That’s It,’ ‘Not Another Barack Obama Out There’

On Friday’s broadcast of José Díaz-Balart’s MSNBC program, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid discussed the 2016 presidential race and his thoughts on the race for his party’s presidential nomination.

Reid harkened back to the 2008 Democratic presidential primary contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and said it was a “wonderful” thing. However, he also said he was glad Clinton was running in a clear field in this upcoming cycle.

“Think how wonderful that primary was,” Reid said. “Two all-stars, two people that will be in the political hall of fame no matter what happens in the future and they were involved in a primary. That was helpful. Now, right now we have Hillary Clinton and that’s it. She’s not him. There’s not another Barack Obama out there. There are no all-stars out there. She has a clear field, and I’m glad she does.”

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