Rubio: Our Foreign Policy Should Be Guided by America’s Moral Superiority

Thursday on Concord News Radio’s “New Hampshire Now,” 2016 Republican presidential candidate Sen, Marco Rubio (R-FL) said American foreign policy should be guided by our moral superiority.

“Our idea of freedom and liberty is a superior idea and everywhere it’s been tried in the world it has led to prosperity,” he said. “We know it is a superior way of governance and the natural right of man. And the same is true with our conflict with radical Islam. Our conflict with radical Islam is simple—we believe everyone has a right to worship as they please.  And they believe unless you worship they way they want you to worship, it should be punishable by death. And we are morally superior to them in regards to our view versus theirs, so it is a conflict of both culture and moral principle, and our foreign policy should be guided by that.”

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