Feinstein: ‘We Have to Get Very Serious’ About Eradicating ISIS

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said she was “very worried” about ISIS and thus, “We have to get very serious” about eradicating them.

In discussing a U.S. special operations forces mission that killed ISIS commander Friday in Syria, Feinstein said, “My assessment is that it was a success, the one-two punch that we should do more. And I believe that if we’re not going to put troops on the ground then we’ve got to use our special operations forces. To go in and collect intelligence, also be able to capture people that might be able to be helpful. This is the second time that this has been tried in Syria, the first time it was not successful, That was to rescue hostages. But, now, this was, I think, a picture-perfect raid, everything went according to plan. But, the demise of the principal, obviously, took place when the aim was to capture, as I understand it.”

She continued, “But I’m very worried about the Islamic State. It is now in at least 12 countries, around North Africa, around the Middle East. It is organized. It is an impressive fighting force. It occupies territory, It runs a government. And most importantly it is evil. It annihilates in the most brutal of ways. And so I think that we have to get very serious about what we’re going to do not only to contain but to eradicate this force.”

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