WaPo’s Ignatius: Hillary Is ‘Running Scared,’ ‘Rope-a-Dope Campaign’

Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,”  while adrressing the growing questions over Hillary Clinton Media silence Washington Post columnist David Ignatius said Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is “running scared.”

Ignatius said, “She is, I wrote this week, playing a rope-a-dope campaign, remember Muhammad Ali, hoping to let the Republicans punch themselves out. So by the time we get to the real campaign their arms will be tired. I’m not sure that’s going to work. I found it genuinely troubling on issue where she was involved in the take off of the Transpacific Partnership Trade deal she has been so silent as if she’s really running scared from the liberal wing of her own party. Not putting her views out there. I thought the president by contrast was really a strong voice for what he believes in. I think for Clinton to be compelling she’s to go go to have to have same full throated expression of what she thinks.”

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