Halperin, Heilemann: Hillary ‘Wrong’ To Avoid Press Due To ‘Unhappy Topics’

Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect” hosts John Heilemann and Mark Halperin argued that Hillary Clinton is “wrong” to avoid the press because “there’s a lot of unhappy topics” on Monday.

Halperin said that while “she is talking to voters about issues,” she was talking “selected people,” not the general public. Heilemann accused Hillary’s campaign of a “false binary” by setting up answering questions from the voters and answering questions from the press as an either/or and that it was “wrong to not be taking questions from the press.”

Halperin then stated, “Now, we know why she’s not taking questions because there’s a lot of unhappy topics.” He specifically mentioned the New York Times‘story on Sidney Blumenthal’s relationship with Hillary.

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