Krauthammer: Hillary ‘Has to Come Out of Her Bunker Sometime’

On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer sounded off on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s absence from media scrutiny, particularly as Republican presidential candidates are getting quizzed about the Iraq war and Clinton has avoided having to take on those answers.

“[T]he question for Hillary is, when you were in the Senate, you opposed the surge. You said it wasn’t working, and you implied in your questioning of David Petraeus during the surge that he was lying. Do you think that was a mistake? How about asking that.”

“And the second question is, when we decided to withdraw entirely from Iraq in 2011, as you indicated Bill, against the advice of the military, it was obvious what would be the result,” he continued. “You Secretary Clinton were the secretary of state in charge of our diplomacy. Did you oppose that? Was it a mistake, and would you now say so? She’s got to answer those. The press has to ask those questions and not just hector Republicans with questions about Iraq as if it is owned by Republicans.”

Krauthammer noted the scrutiny of “Clinton Cash” author of Peter Schweizer, whereas Hillary Clinton the political candidate has avoided direct scrutiny.

“She needs to be embarrassed and the Stephanopouloses of the world ought to be embarrassed into asking those questions and not just of people like Peter Schweizer,” Krauthammer added. “She has to come out of her bunker some time.”

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