Mika: ‘Lack of Judgement on the People Who Are Hiring’ Stephanopoulos

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski blasted “a lack of judgment on the people who are hiring” George Stephanopoulos to think that he would be unbiased on Monday’s “Morning Joe.”

Brzezinski said that it was “problematic” that Stephanopoulos didn’t disclose donations to the Clinton Foundation, before continuing, “Having said that, I’m listening to all these sound bites and all these people who are dumbfounded and shocked and can’t believe what they’ve seen, and it just seems to me that he worked on the Clinton campaign, he worked tirelessly to elect Bill Clinton. He served under Bill Clinton. Who would be so surprised that he has ties to the Clintons? And if anything, that seems to me to be a lack of judgment on the people who are hiring him to think that he can just erase those from his brain. Biases exist.”

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius argued that it’s “not surprising” that “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer would object to being grilled by a contributor to the foundation he was writing about.

Brzezinski later added that everyone has a bias, but that transparency is important.

(h/t Newsbusters)

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