Graham: Obama Kept a Campaign Promise at the Expense of National Security

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” while discussing the fall of Ramadi to ISIS, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said President Barack Obama’s failure to leave a stabilizing force of U.S. troops in Iraq allowed ISIS to grow unhindered and was an unfortunate fulfillment of his campaign promise to get all the troops out of Iraq.

That according to Graham has proven to be at the “expense” of national security.

“The biggest decision failure President Obama made was not to leave the troops behind,” Graham said. “He was told he needed 10-15,000 to secure our gains if he had done that we would not be here today.”

When asked about the administration downplaying the loss, Graham said, “What you are hearing from John Kerry is delusional and what you are hearing from the president is nothing. At the end of the day our problem in Ramadi is our strategy will not work.”

“Iran is dominating the landscape in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon,” Graham added. “The Iranian influence under President Obama is going through the roof. ISIS’ rise is a direct result of allowing al-Qaeda in Iraq off their knees. The surge did work. The president kept the campaign promise at the expense of the national security. And to the average America here why it matters to you, If we don’t deal with ISIS in Iraq and Syria they are going to attack us here at home.”

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