Kornheiser Speculates Patriots Owner Kraft Will Stage Coup Against NFL Commish

During Tuesday’s episode of “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN, co-host Tony Kornheiser speculated about the future of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft reluctantly accepted his punishment in a press conference on ESPN.

Kornheiser stated that he believes the issues with the deflated footballs and the punishments handed down after the Ted Wells report have caused a rift between Kraft and Goodell and that Kraft will get with the other NFL owners to take down Goodell.

“If you’ll notice, he still said he was reluctantly accepting the punishments. He made it clear he didn’t agree with the punishments and he never mentioned Roger Goodell by name. And Mike, I think what’s gonna happen next is, is that Kraft somewhere down the road is gonna get with the owners and he’s say, ‘I took a bullet for him and now let’s get rid of him.’ I really do.”

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