SI’s Peter King: Possible NFL, Patriots Settle on Lesser Punishment

Sports Illustrated’s Peter.King appeared as a guest on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike,” which is also broadcasted on ESPN2, to discuss his interview with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft that took place over the previous weekend. Kraft and the Patriots are still awaiting the appeal to their suspensions for being “more probable than not” guilty of purposely deflating footballs used for games.

Kraft proposed that it is a possibility the Patriots work out a deal with the NFL in order to get it all behind them and not have to deal with the lingering effects while still lessening some of their harsh penalty.

“I’m not saying it will happen, but one of the things that is possible is that the NFL and the Patriots could talk about a lessening of the sanctions either on the organization or on Brady that could then, you know, eliminate this. The Patriots will take their punishment. They’ll shut up and be angry. But they’ll shut up and they’ll just move on.”

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