Wasserman Schultz: ‘Unacceptable,’ ‘Heartless’ of GOP to Fight Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The Rundown With José Díaz-Balart,” Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said it is “heartless” and “unacceptable” for Republican to go to court to fight President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, which would have allowed upwards of 5 million illegal immigrants already living in the Untied States to apply for citizenship.

“Unfortunately, it’s not happening because Republicans have challenged the president’s executive action in court,” Wasserman Schultz said. “Today is a day that we could have celebrated the parents of undocumented immigrants, children who are able to remain in this country, that could have applied to remain in this country, As well the idea that we are going to continue to put families in jeopardy of being split apart is unacceptable. We have families here who have been here for decades who are simply trying to make a better way of life for themselves, who have contributed to the American economy, and who we need to make sure we give a pathway to legal status and citizenship. And every Republican candidate for president is opposed to allowing that to happen. It’s just unacceptable. It’s sad, and I think it’s going to be a big issue as we move towards election day next year.”

“Those are kids only known in this country from the youngest stage of childhood, know no other country other than the United States, who want to graduate from high school, serve in our military, have an opportunity to go to college with that dreamer policy allows them to do,” she continued. “And their parents now live in fear of being deported. That is unacceptable, and the president’s action would have allowed those parents to apply for legal status today. The court action that was pushed and supported by Republicans stopped that in its tracks, leaves it indefinitely uncertain. It’s going to wind its way through the courts and leave those families in total limbo indefinitely and that’s just unacceptable, heartless, and very clear contrast between democrats. All of our presidential candidates support that action, support comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to legal status and citizenship and the republicans oppose it. For immigrant families who decide to vote, who are citizens and Hispanic citizens in particular, this is going to be a big issue next year,” she concluded.

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