Gutfeld: Hillary’s Not the Problem, Culture Is

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld said that the real challenge conservatives face is “really not Hillary, it’s our culture” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

“As each new thing erupts, her campaign becomes a game of endurance called ‘so what?’ She’s the Loch Ness Monster of candidates. Her head pops up from the waves just enough for her to emit a strong of sounds, then back to the depths where she returns. This turns her critics into old sods, we keep repeating the same thing until we’re all sick of hearing it. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi” Gutfeld stated.

Gutfeld then argued that the Obama administration blaming a video for the attacks on the consulate is “scandalous news, but it’s old news. We’ve reported it before, and before, and before. It’s weird how the repetition of facts actually help the guilty as the fact-tellers get mocked” before playing a clip of Stephen Colbert mocking FNC’s Benghazi coverage back in 2013.

Gutfeld concluded, “Which brings us to the present challenge, it’s really not Hillary, it’s our culture. The long-term mission for a conservative is to win the culture back from the left. Because no matter what you say about Benghazi, or the police, or the economy, you’re intent’s going to be smeared just like that. So, candidates lock yourself in a room and don’t come out until you learn how to express your beliefs persuasively. Because while it’s okay and satisfying to nail Hillary for her lies, it helps to hammer out some truth of your own.”

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