Limbaugh: Hillary Setting Herself Up for ‘Landslide Loss’ with Dash to Left on Immigration, Welfare

On his Wednesday radio show, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was skeptical of the suggestion that Democratic candidates can be successful by going further to left on the issues of welfare and immigration.

Limbaugh argued that should Clinton pursue that strategy, she would be setting herself up for a “landslide loss.”

“[T]he Republicans in order survive are going to have to become Democrats that call themselves Republicans,” Limbaugh said. “You couple that with Mrs. Clinton thinking we’re already there and I tell you what I think of all this – I think it means she is setting herself up for what could be a landslide loss because I am here to tell you this country has not accepted the welfare state. It’s the other way around. I’m telling you the people of this country and the evidence is in by phone calls, emails and texts to Congress, polling data, however you want to look at it – this country has not decided open-borders immigration is the future. The majority of people in this country and the people who vote in this country – those things are not reality yet. And to the extent that Hillary or any other Democrat thinks they are – I think they’re setting themselves up for a major, major disappointment. That again depends on what the Republicans do with it.”

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