CNN’s Borger: Hillary ‘Backing Away’ On Trade Due To Pressure From Left

CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger argued Hillary Clinton is “clearly” “backing away” from her previous position on trade on Friday’s “Wolf” on CNN.

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Hillary said, “You know, I have said repeatedly that I have a set of, you know, expectations about the trade agreement that it will grow jobs, and protect American workers, and create a more level playing field, and that it would be good for our national security. We don’t yet have all the details. In fact, it’s not, as I’m told been fully negotiated yet. I do have concerns. I have concerns that the standards will not be tough enough, that they will not be enforceable. I have concerns about currency manipulation, which has been a big problem, in the impact on our companies and our workers.”

After hearing this clip Borger stated, “You know — and this is because she’s a candidate and she’s got Elizabeth Warren also to the left of her, and when she was secretary of state, she said that these trade deals were the ‘gold standard,’ that was a quote. Now, clearly she is backing away because she feels the pressure from the left wing of the party. She’s distancing herself from the president on this. I would also add, it’s not really a surprise given the fact that she really needs to kind of get some emotional support from the base of the party.”

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