Krauthammer: Clinton Email Release ‘A Farce,’ ‘Planned Way In Advance’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer dubbed Hillary Clinton’s email release “a farce” that was “planned way in advance” on Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer said, “This whole release is a farce. What is being released now…is stuff that was scrubbed, and cleansed, and decided upon, chosen by her own people, acting in her own interests. Rather than, as should happen, as the law requires to happen, and as happens with other secretaries of state, and other secretaries, the choosing ought to be done by people with an obligation to the public. So, we are getting the cleaned up version.”

He continued, “And I think they are succeeding, the Clinton people, because everybody is hungrily looking through stuff, pre-scrubbed. They are not going to find anything. The Clintons are secretive and deceptive, but they are not stupid. Whatever is there, whatever is embarrassing, whatever is indicting, has been scrubbed and removed. So, we’re going to have this long saga of the release. She will take the credit for, ‘I asked for it to be released, I wanted it to be released,’ but it’s the wrong stuff. And when people attack her later in the campaign, she’s going to say, ‘Oh, it’s all been released, the press has looked at it, spent weeks and months examining it, so I’m clean, it’s old news.’ That’s the script and we are all falling into it.”

Krauthammer concluded, “This was all planned way in advanced, even before she stepped into office.”

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