Rush: Media ‘Worried Silly’ Over Clinton’s Chances

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued that the media is “worried silly over Mrs. Clinton’s chances” on Friday.

He said, “These people, New York Times, Washington, New York, Boston, the whole Northeastern media elite corridor. Since the most important thing in their lives right now is Hillary Clinton and her securing the nomination and the presidency, and they assume everybody else is thinking the same way.”

Rush continued, “These people are all assuming that we all can’t get enough about Hillary. We all are dying to know the latest about Hillary, and we all want the news to be okay and good. We don’t want Mrs. Clinton harmed, or we don’t want her hurt. We don’t want her attacked. We want Mrs. Clinton to win! So the New York Times thinks everybody believes this.”

He concluded, “And I think they’re scared to death, if you want to know the truth. I think they’re worried silly over Mrs. Clinton’s chances. They can remember what happened in 2008, and despite what they’re writing. This is too much, folks. All of this overboard on Hillary’s greatness and Hillary’s competence, and the cover-ups of her obvious incompetence and her obvious detachment and her obvious personality flaws. All that stuff never gets mentioned. We just hear about how wonderful and smart and brilliant and effective and all this. And I think it’s betraying the fact that they’re worried, because in their world, where they love her and they think she’s the answer, everybody ought to believe that, or everybody does. And then when they see polling data that doesn’t reflect it, they get concerned and worried.”

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