Russert: Obama Camp Saying Scandals ‘What You Get’ With the Clintons

NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Luke Russert reported that people from the Obama camp have said “See, this is what you get when you get Bill and Hillary” regarding the Clintons’ scandals on Friday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

Russert said, “It seems that no matter what they try and do to shift the narrative to policy, it ultimately comes back down to possible improprieties related to what they did at the Foundation, or what happened while she was at State during the Benghazi incident. I’ll be interested to see if whether or not on June 13 when she has her major policy speech, she can sort of shift gears and get the focus to be more on where she stands on issues. But honestly, aside from the TPP trade argument, we haven’t really heard the press corps ask her about issues regarding Washington or the future of the country. It’s been more about her personal problems. And this is something that Democrats have said quite frequently for a while that they fear with anything regarding the Clintons. And also, I spoke to some people from the Obama camp who sort of have said ‘See, this is what you get when you get Bill and Hillary.'”

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