Cox: Interaction With ‘Scumbag’ Blumenthal Shows ‘Shortsightedness’ By Hillary

Daily Beast Contributor Ana Marie Cox argued that Hillary Clinton’s interaction with Sidney Blumenthal “shows kind of a shortsightedness in the Clinton camp” because Blumenthal “is just kind of a scumbag” on Saturday’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” on MSNBC.

Regarding Clinton’s interactions with Sidney Blumenthal at the State Department, said said, “You know, what’s amazing about this whole scandal is it shows kind of a shortsightedness in the Clinton camp that you keep thinking she’s too smart to do this stuff and yet she keeps doing it.”

She added, “This private email server, she thinks she’s one move ahead, but no, she’s two moves behind. Because, what does she think would happen when they discovered this private email server? And also, this whole release of documents, it seems sort of insane, like, is there a scenario at which point Trey Gowdy will be like ‘Well, looks good to me, you’re right. You’ve released everything that’s important. And now I’m done’?”

Host Steve Kornacki jumped in to point out, “She can never reach that moment, right? Because the whole issue here is there are deleted emails. So, she’s only turned over — ultimately, she’s on honor system here.”

Cox did say that Clinton’s email is “something of a Beltway scandal,” and questioned whether the email story would have a political impact.

She later added, “I do think that there’s something — I actually want to get back to the point you started, which was about Sidney Blumenthal, which I do find to be the most disturbing thing in all of these emails, is that he is just kind of a scumbag.”

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