Watch: Brazile, Kristol Erupt into Shouting Match Over Hillary

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” a debate over Hillary Clinton presidential campaign’s accessibly, between Democratic strategist Donna Brazile and “The Weekly Standard,” editor Bill Kristol erupted  into shouting match.

Donna Brazile said, “While they try to question her level of trust and transparency, what most Americans are saying, you know what, we know who she is, she’s the only candidate right now who’s talking about big issues.”

Kristol interrupted saying, “She’s not talking about anything because no one can hear her. I like the way Donna has decided it is terrible Republicans are actually giving speeches, having press conferences, giving interviews. Maybe Hillary Clinton should say something about something. What is her position on the NSA? What is her position on free trade?”

Brazile said, “She’s talked about what she would ruled out. She talked about currency manipulation. She talked about environmental. Here is what I know, there’s a lot of substance coming out of her campaign. But unless it’s sound bites the Republicans can put out there in their little need to raise money, they don’t listen.”

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