Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Want to Work with Domestic Abusers… Unless It’s Mayweather

On his Monday episode of “First Take” on ESPN2, co-host Stephen A. Smith reacted to NFL Hall of Fame and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach’s quote saying that he would not enjoy being in the same locker room as a domestic abuser in speaking about newly signed Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy, who has been suspended the first 10 games for domestic violence after being convicted of assaulting a female and threatening to kill her.

However, the case was thrown out on appeal in February when his accuser and ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder was a no-show to the trial.

Smith, who was actually suspended for his on-air comments for condoning spousal abuse, spent a day following boxer and five-time convicted domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather Jr. around, even going for a car ride where he told Smith he was a better boxer than Muhammad Ali, and even claimed to have endured more racism than Ali.

Smith responded saying he also would not want to work with a domestic abuser, but explained that someone needs to hire them.

“I’ve never committed domestic violence, Skip, you’ve never committed domestic violence. I wouldn’t want to work with somebody that I knew was guilty of domestic violence. I wouldn’t. But, so that’s understood. Now that we get to that point, now we have to get to the next point and that is this. Do you not believe in second chances? Because unless the person is in jail, if no one wants to hire them then they become our problem.”

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