Cowherd: Can NFL Handle Harsh Penalties for Arrests When So Many Arrested Are Black?

During Tuesday’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on ESPAN Radio and ESPN U, host Colin Cowherd discussed the recent arrest and dismissal of Bears defensive lineman Ray McDonald after allegations of domestic violence and child endangerment. McDonald was also arrested for domestic violence last August, but the charges were eventually dropped.

Cowherd questioned that since the NFL is mostly black, as are the majority of those arrested in the country and the league, if the NFL can handle doling out harsh penalties because they will be “denying minorities jobs,” causing uncomfortable discussions.

“I think the NFL, and I said this to start the show, and I said, when you have a league that is overwhelmingly African American and the arrests in this country, if you look at percentages, and the arrests in the NFL can skew toward the African-American community, it, I think, is going to be enigmatic, problematic if you impose a zero tolerance policy, one and done, out of the league, you are going to be denying often minorities jobs, that is going to become a very hot topic and are you comfortable with being uncomfortable?”

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