Heilemann: Clinton Finance Revelations ‘Beginning Of Something That Could Be Quite Big’

Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor John Heilemann stated that the revelations regarding Bill Clinton’s WJC LLC were “the beginning of something that could quite big and quite threatening” on Tuesday’s “With All Due Respect.”

Heilemann said that the Clintons are “not just fabulously wealthy, but wealthy and engaged in a complex web of various kinds of financial dealings and holdings, not all of which — most of which are completely opaque, not all of which, some of which, the president has businesses other than speaking. … we don’t know exactly what those businesses are, we don’t know how much he’s made from them, there are some consultants, there are some clients that are named here, at least one of whom the State Department said, ‘You can’t work for.’ A couple others he was allowed to work for. But this is just more fodder for people who want to dig into this financial morass, I would call it, that is around the Clintons. And I just think this is the beginning of something that could quite big and quite threatening.”

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