Buchanan to GOP Candidates: Say You’re Going to Deport People

Wednesday on NewMax TV’s “Prime,” while discussing Tuesday’s Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, which stopped the Obama administration’s amnesty, political commentator Pat Buchanan said the Republican field of candidates are going to have to make their views on immigration known, suggesting they should start with calling for the government to “deport individuals.”

Buchanan said, “Barack Obama far exceeded his authority with his executive amnesty He had been saying again and again and again, I don’t have the authority to do that. He’d been telling his supporters, I can’t do that by executive order, and then he contradicted himself and attempted to do it.”

He continued, “The puts burden on Republicans to present their own idea on how they are going to  deal with the nearly 12 million illegal aliens who have entered the country.”

“What the Republicans have to say is that we are not going to give any blanket amnesty for millions of lawbreakers in this country,” Buchanan said. “We’re not going to put them on a path to citizenship; we are going to secure the border; we are going to deport individuals — beginning with the criminals — and we also are going to enforce the law with regard to businessmen hiring illegal aliens ahead of Americans. I think that’s the position they ought take.”

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