Ed Henry on Clinton: Reporters ‘Not Supposed To Be Potted Plants’

Fox News Channel Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry argued that “As reporters we’re not supposed to be potted plants” in a discussion on covering Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Henry said, “As reporters we’re not supposed to be potted plants just sitting through politician’s events, listening to their talking points, and then letting them leave without asking either about issues of the day.” He then pointed to “substantive issues” such as the president’s trade policy, the Clinton Foundation, and Bill Clinton’s speaking fees and corporation that Clinton should have to answer questions about.

He added, “Bottom line for me is we’re reporters, we’re not stenographers. We should be pressing Democrats and Republicans and not just be potted plants.”

Henry concluded that he believes Clinton will take more questions now that she has faced criticism from Democrats for dodging the media.

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