TV Mogul Byron Allen: Obama Policies Trapping Black America in ‘Modern Day Plantations’

Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,”  Entertainment Studios CEO Byron Allen, who said President Barack Obama is  “a white president in black face” earlier in the week, said on Thursday President Barack Obama’s policies are trapping black America on a “modern day plantation.”

Pointing to lower unemployment in the black community under George W. Bush, Allen said, “This started with President Obama calling us names, calling us thugs, calling us criminals, when he knows that we as African Americans have been positioned to fail. Before you call us thugs, before you call us criminals, make sure we get a proper education … Make sure that we can get jobs … Under President Bush, unemployment in the black community was 10 percent. Under President Obama for the black community it has increased to 14 percent.”

He continued, “Sixty percent of the people in this country are employed by small businesses, but we can’t employ people in our community because we don’t have access to capital. So before you call us thugs and criminals, make sure we have access to capital.”

“President Obama has a horrible habit of speaking down to black America and reprimanding black men. Now you have these white bikers go through Waco and shoot up Waco—he didn’t call them thugs or criminals. This man even commented on Kanye West being on the MTV Music Awards and called him a jackass because of his behavior,” he added.

Allen said it is time for the black community to demand results from politicians, “We have got to get off this modern day plantation, you have access to nothing but gangs, drugs and violence. It’s economic genocide.”

Allen explained he went to several $40,000 private fundraisers and at one he handed the president a letter and asked to talk to him. Obama promised to get back to him.

Allen said, “He lied to me. He didnt get back to me.”

Later, he attended another fundraiser at George Clooney’s house and asked again.

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