Watch: ESPN’s Torre Explains How to Properly Address Jenner

At the end of Monday’s “Around the Horn” on ESPN, co-panelist Pablo Torre spoke in a monologue about Bruce Jenner, who won an Olympic gold medal as a decathlete named Bruce Jenner in the Summer Olympics of 1976.

Torre explained for the viewers how to properly address Jenner as “Caitlyn,” “she,” or “her” because “gender is how you identify.”

“The cover line of that Vanity Fair issue is ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ so let’s now all refer to this person as Caitlyn Jenner. Let’s use ‘she’ and ‘her,’ the pronouns that are appropriate. Keep in mind that sexuality and gender and sex are different things. Sex is biology. Gender is how you identify, and Caitlyn Jenner has identified herself to all of us and congratulations on a great athlete doing so in front of America and the world.”