AP’s Pace: Hillary Plummeting in Polls Because Scandals Reminder of Clinton Baggage

Tuesday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Associated Press White House correspondent Julie Pace said Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are dropping because of the collective effect of the email server controversy and multiple Clinton Foundations stories are a reminder to Americans that the Clinton’s come with scandal baggage.

Host John King asked, “Some danger signs for Hillary Clinton in this new poll. She’s right now far and away the Democratic front-runner. Is she honest and trustworthy? Forty-two percent of Americans say that in March, 50 percent. March a year ago — 56 percent. I want to move on one more, her favorability rating, 46 percent Americans view her favorability. You might say not so bad but a drop from 55 percent in June of 2014. The second one doesn’t surprise me but she’s going down. The honesty and trustworthy, if four in ten Americans view her as honest and trustworthy can she be elected president?”

Pace replied, “She can be the Democratic nominee. In the general election that number could hurt her. As you say some of this is inevitable. She’s gone from being secretary of state, in a diplomatic bubble to back in the political arena. You can’t point to one specific thing that’s happened in the last couple of months. It’s not just the emails or the foundation fundraising but it is the culmination I think of all of them that you’re seeing impact these numbers. this reminder of some of the baggage that comes with the Clintons. ”

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