Fiorina: ‘Disturbing’ Dems So Given Up on Trust They Are OK with Hillary

Wednesday on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said a “disturbing” aspect of  Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers that is being overlooked is that Democrats have “so given up” on trusting leaders, they continue to support a candidate that 53 percent of the American people don’t find trustworthy.

Fiorina said, “I’ll tell you something else that I find, honestly, equally disturbing. It’s equally disturbing to me that with those kinds of numbers, that 53 percent of the American people don’t find her trustworthy, that her support among Democrats for the nomination doesn’t seem to be wavering. And the reason I say I find those numbers disturbing is because—does it say that we have reached a point where we have so little trust in our public servants that this is just, people think it’s the norm? Oh, yeah, you know, Bill and Hillary Clinton, they personify the political class, no they’re not transparent and trustworthy, but we’re going to vote for them anyway? I find that very disturbing, because that means citizens are giving up on their political leadership and their government.”

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